On this page we present people who's services we love to offer to our customers. These partners are professionals in their fields and add value to the know-how portfolio of Sunny Connection.

There are many more people in our network. We contact them as needed by customer and project requrements.

flowdays: Agile Projects, Agile Management - Todays complexity in organizations and projects cannot really be mastered in a traditional way anymore. We are a founding member of flowdays, a team of experts in the areas of devops, agility, cultural transformation and organisational development. If you like more agile and leaner ways to run your projects, we take them onboard or you can contact them directly at flowdays.
IPv6 Education and Consulting - We work with different partners for IPv6 Education and Consulting. They are chosen individually for each project, depending on area of expertise, customer requirements, language and availability. They can all be contacted and booked through Sunny Connection.
Network Analysis - Jasper Bongertz and Christian Landström are our experts for network, protocol and application performance analysis. They can be contacted and booked through Sunny Connection.



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