Sunny Connection offers professional education.

Our workshops and seminars are very popular. They are focused on what's important and usually on a very technical level. In some areas we have developed our own customized workshops, and if we meet cracks like Laura Chappell or Cricket Liu, we invite them to come to Switzerland to teach their own seminars. If you ever visited one of those seminars, you know how much you can learn and how much fun this is.

One of our special services is to offer customized company courses or seminars according to your individual requirements.

We teach in German, English and French.

Find a list of our current seminars.

News: IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program

In September 2010, the International IPv6 Forum released a new program called "IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program". The program's prime objective is to encourage and accelerate the education on IPv6.

Silvia Hagen and Stefan Marzohl are the very first certified "Approved Trainer Gold" in Switzerland.
Thus Sunny Connection can not only offer certified IPv6 training courses for endusers but also for future IPv6 trainers.

Sunny Connection's IPv6 education certifications:

IPv6 Forum Certified Course (Gold) IPv6 Forum Certified Trainer (Gold)

Please refer to the Website of the Certification Logo Program for further information and a list of certified suppliers.


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