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This short presentation offers a first glance at IPv6. It discusses the new features of the protocol and compares it to IPv4, thereby offering a good overview of what functionality it has that you may need or desire in your network. An overview of the market, of vendor support, of IPv6 projects all over the world shows you that IPv6 is alive and used and that there are people out there who have worked with it. It also discusses coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 as well as transition mechanisms defined which will make the transition as smooth as possible. Last but not least the business case will be discussed and guidelines given as to when it is important for you to start thinking or planning for IPv6.


3 hours (can be extended to one day if more details are desired).


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System Administrators, Network- and Operating System Engineers, IT Decision Makers, Network Analysts, Consultants, Vendors and Application Developers


Silvia Hagen, Owner of Sunny Connection and Author of the O'Reilly Book 'IPv6 Essentials'.


Detailed Outlinetop
The Structure of the Protocol (The IPv6 Header)
IPv6 Addressing (Address Format, Address Types, Address Allocations)
ICMPv6 (Neighbor Discovery, Autoconfiguration, Path MTU Discovery, Multicast Management)
Transition Mechanisms and Scenarios
Market Overview, Vendor Support, IPv6 Projects around the globe
IPv6 The Business Case - Why and when should you invest in IPv6


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This workshop is offered on demand. It can be a public workshop in a seminar room or it can be offered as a corporate seminar at your location.


On request, depending on number of attendees and format of the session. Please email or call us for an offer.



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