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This workshop is designed to explain concepts and terms about Directories and Meta Directories in general, targeted at CEOs, CTOs and decision makers who are less interested in technical details but more in the business aspect of the technology and in ROI. In our many years of consulting for Directory Services we have found that very often people use these terms with different understandings which creates confusion and makes planning and evaluation of technologies and products difficult. And very often discussion focuses on choosing a Directory Product before the business case has been evaluated properly. This leads to choices and investments that may not last. By attending this workshop you gain a good understanding of the technology and the concepts in order to determine the need for your business. You learn that a Meta Directory can do much more for your business than just reduce administrative costs. And you learn how to initialize a Meta Directory project and what the scope of such a project is.


3 hours (can be extended to one day if more details are desired).


Target Audiencetop
CEOs, CTOs, IT Decision Makers , System Administrators, Network- and Operating System Engineers, Consultants.


Silvia Hagen, Consultant, Owner and CEO of Sunny Connection AG.


Detailed Outlinetop
What is a Directory Service?
How to choose an Operating System or a Directory Product
What is a Meta Directory?
Advantages of a Meta Directory
What is a Meta Directory used for - create a vision
How can a Meta Directory save costs (ROI)
How to run a Meta Directory Project
Impact on Infrastructure
Impact on Business Processes


Dates and Locationtop
This workshop is offered on demand. It can be a public workshop in a seminar room or it can be offered as a corporate seminar at your location.


On request, depending on number of attendees and format of the session. Please email or call us for an offer.



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