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IPv6 has been heavily discussed for more than a decade. Some people therefore think that it will take forever. Fact is that IPv6 is well-engineered and mature and will be the basis of our future networks, the Internet and especially the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2018 more than 20% of the global Internet population has IPv6, in Switzerland it is over 30%. This 2-day-workshop shows, what future services are possible with IPv6. It describes the important and new functions of IPv6 from the technical aspect, compares these with IPv4 and gives a good overview of existing transition and coexistence mechanisms of IPv6 with IPv4. The course can be presented with Hands-on exercises which give you the opportunity to become familiar with the new protocol. The communication is analyzed with Wireshark Trace Files. The course also discusses planning and deployment best practices.


2 days (9 AM to 4 PM).


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This workshop is addressed to Technical Decision makers, Network Analysts, IT-Consultants, System Administrators, Network- and System Engineers, as well as Manufacturers and Developers, who would like to get a good understanding of the new functionality of IPv6. This gives you the background to understand IPv6 and its implications to your network, to be able to integrate it into your IT strategy and to plan and implement first testbeds.


You need a good understanding of networking in general and of TCP/IP. Regarding IPv6 no previous knowledge is necessary.


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The Structure of the Protocol (The IPv6 Header, Extension Headers)
IPv6 Addressing (Address Format, Address Types, Address Allocations)
ICMPv6 (Neighbor Discovery, Autoconfiguration, Path MTU Discovery, Multicast Management)
DNS, DHCPv6 and Mobile IPv6
IPv6 Security
Transition Mechanisms and Scenarios
Optional: Several Labs
Planning and Deployment - Best Practices


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This workshop is offered on demand. It can be a public workshop in a seminar room or it can be offered as a corporate seminar at your location.


On request, depending on number of attendees and format of the session. Please email or call us for an offer.



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