We have developed our unique workshops, presenting the essence of our experience in compact courses:

Understanding IPv6
IPv6 - Overview Protocol and Market Analysis
IPv6 Security Workshop - NEW!
SLP Workshop
Troubleshooting TCP/IP
Understanding Directory Services and Meta Directories

Our IPv6 courses and trainers are certified within the "IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program" of the International IPv6 Forum.

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Understanding IPv6top

IPv6 has been heavily discussed for almost a decade. Some people therefore think that it will never come true. Fact is that IPv6 is well-engineered and mature and will be the basis of our future networks and the Internet. This 2-day-workshop shows, what future services are possible with IPv6. It describes the important and new functions of IPv6 from the technical aspect, compares these with IPv4 and gives a good overview of existing transition and coexistence mechanisms of IPv6 with IPv4. Hands-on exercises give you the opportunity to become familiar with the new protocol. The main focus of the workshop is on the technology. You will have the opportunity to configure the protocol on Linux and Windows XP, as well as on a router and analyze the communication in trace files.

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IPv6 - Overview Protocol and Market Analysistop

The word about IPv6 has been around for many years and some people believe, it will never come. Fact is, IPv6 is alive and ready and will be the foundation for our future networks and the Internet. This workshop teaches you all you need to know today in order to be aware of the new services it enables. It explains the new functionality and gives you an understanding of transition and coexistence mechanisms, so you can plan for a smooth and cost-effective transition in the near future.

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IPv6 Security Workshop top

In the years ahead of us, most networks will be dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) for quite some time. This creates new challenges, because both protocols need to be managed and secured separately. Our IPv4 security concepts cannot simply be applied to IPv6 networks. This workshop, designed and presented by Merike Kaeo, a well known expert in the security area with many years of operational experience and author of the Cisco Press book "Designing Network Security" explains similarities and differences in security in IPv4 and IPv6, discusses security models for an IPv6 network and provides deployment guidelines and considerations, especially for dual-stacked networks.

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SLP Workshoptop

Get ready for SLP in half a day!

If you want to become familiar with SLP, learn about the concepts (User Agent, Service Agent, Directory Agent, Scopes), if you are wondering whether you need a DA and how you should configure your scopes, if you want a cool summary of where and how to configure your SLP clients, your DA, your SAs, your CMD server and your Migration Agent - Then this workshop is for you!

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Troubleshooting TCP/IPtop

This seminar, developed by Silvia Hagen, Author of 'Novell's Guide to Troubleshooting TCP/IP' and 'Guide to Service Location Protocol' teaches all you need to know about the protocols of the TCP/IP family in order to be able to design, implement and troubleshoot TCP/IP on the client and on the server. Analyzing and understanding a login sequence is our favourite technique used to find causes of performance issues, verify client configuration settings and optimizing the login sequence. You will also learn how to interpret packet trace files of Novell client logins and how to use a sniffer tool to detect and solve client login problems.

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Understanding Directory Services and Meta Directoriestop

This workshop is designed to explain concepts and terms about Directories and Meta Directories in general, targeted at CEOs, CTOs and decision makers who are less interested in technical details but more in the business aspect of the technology and in ROI. In our many years of consulting for Directory Services we have found that very often people use these terms with different understandings which creates confusion and makes planning and evaluation of technologies and products difficult. And very often discussion focuses on choosing a Directory Product before the business case has been evaluated properly. This leads to choices and investments that may not last. By attending this workshop you gain a good understanding of the technology and the concepts in order to determine the need for your business. You learn that a Meta Directory can do much more for your business than just reduce administrative costs. And you learn how to initialize a Meta Directory project and what the scope of such a project is.

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