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The Business Impact of IPv6 - A pragmatic Perspective  
(PDF, 14p, 188 KB) - German Text

This paper covers the current status (as per January 2008) of IP address allocation regarding IPv4 and IPv6. It answers all the questions about whether it is true that the IPv4 address space will run out as early as 2011.

It also discusses the findings of a first independent study conducted by the US Department of Commerce in 2006 with some remarkable highlights.

If your interested in this information, but don't read German, please download the White Paper written for Learning Tree, as it covers similar information.


The IPv6 Case - Questions and Answers  (PDF, 15p, 320 kB)

The first part of the paper provides a short overview of the advanced technical features that IPv6 offers, compared to the IP version we are using today, IPv4. We try to keep it at a high level, so if you are not a technical person, please keep reading. If you are a technical person and look for the nuts and bolts, please refer to our book 'IPv6 Essentials' - there you will find the details. Part one also discusses how IPv6 will probably grow into our networks, what transition mechanisms are available and clarifies some misconceptions circulating about IPv6.

The second part of the paper explains how the IPv6 Task Forces are organized and provides an overview of where the market is today, how much IPv6 has already been used and tested and what vendor support looks like. Although we do not have a magic crystal ball to tell the future, there are some assumptions that can be made today, that will help you plan for IPv6.

The third part of the paper discusses how this impacts your business. Should you invest in IPv6? If yes, when is a good time to do it? Can IPv6 create a business advantage for you? How can you plan for IPv6 in order to make your transition a smooth and cost-effective one?

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