VMware delivers the next wave in virtualization software. VMware Server and VMware Player are free and offer huge savings in time and resources. Many professional IT users now enjoy the oppor-tunities virtualization opens up. If you've ever wanted to under-stand the buzz around virtualization then this book is for you. For both the professional and the personal user, it gives a solid overview including all the necessary user tips.

Offering a great introduction into this complex area, this book will answer all your questions. From installation to the choice of the right hardware, from creation to configuration, it's all inside. Basics, concepts, and designs are clearly presented in a way that is easy to understand. Whether you are a system administrator or engineer, a user of VMware GSX, or simply interested in virtualization, this book is all you need.

VMware Server and VMware Player - the way forward for Virtualization

written by Dennis Zimmer
published by Sunny Edition
ISBN 13: 978-3-9522942-1-5
ISBN 10: 3-9522942-1-7


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Target Audiencetop
Beginners and advanced users.
System administrators, system engineers.
Users of VMware GSX.
Anyone who really wants to discover what virtualization is.


About the authortop
Dennis Zimmer is a senior consultant in infrastructure and storage for Mightycare Solutions GmbH in Germany. He specializes in delivering virtualization solutions for complex corporate environments. He is a VMware Certified Professional and author of other successful books on virtualization such as "VMware und Microsoft Virtual Server" and "VMware Server und VMware Player" published in German by Galileo Press.


Why virtualize?
Installation and update
All about VMware Player
All about VMware Server
Virtual machines
Virtual networks
Useful add-on tools
Ideal guest systems



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